‘Woman! What language do you speak?’ 8h. March 2021. This time around, the AQIP webinar was in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021.

As the title goes, the concept of love languages is not new. Gary Chapman in his book in 1992 offers a framework for keeping love alive within a marriage. The webinar was be presented by Associate Professor Dr. Saraswathi Bina Rai, who explored other aspects of love languages between girlfriends, teenagers, and other VIPs in your life, and in the process helps you to discover yours.


Speaker: Prof. Datuk Dr. John Antony Xavier.

Title: "If you have this, then nothing else matters" 30th. March 2021

This talk highlights the importance of integrity to leaders and individuals. Drawing on various illustrations, the talk seeks to extract some of the immanent principles of ethics that everyone should live by. The talk will also emphasise the important principle of sowing and reaping. If we live by integrity we shall avoid all trouble and problems. Otherwise, we shall only reap misery eventually. The talk will also give pointers on how to decide on ethical issues.

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